The lifespan of Bei Virgin Brazilian hair depends on how you care for the hair.
Bei hair is comes from different donors. It can take some time figuring out which.
products work well with your bundles.

During the time that you get your hair installed. It’s recommended that you do not cut your wefts. Cutting your wefts can cause hair to shed. Wefts can be sealed.

Sealing your wefts will reinforce the wefting itself and will keep your hair fuller for a longer period of time. When installing your hair, the fold over method should be used.

Products that pertain alcohol can cause the hair to matte shed or even tangle.

Products that are sulfate free are great to use.

We recommend that you use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners.
Do not use natural products on hair. They are only to be used on natural hair.
Hair should be washed 1-2 times a week. Its helps remove oil or dirt build up and it also help prevent hair from getting tangle or shed due to dryness.
Keep the hair moisturized. Do not use oil as moisturizer, providing moisture is accomplished by using moisturizing conditioners.

Always detangle hair before shampooing or co washing.
Wash hair after swimming, spa, or excessive exercise. If you plan to swim, put the hair in a protective style. Ex. Section the hair and braid it. You can put small amounts of conditioner inthe hair while braiding to protect the hair.

Brush hair from the ends and work your way up.

Wash hair with cool to warm water.
You will need to switch to a new product line if you see that a certain product does not agree with your bundles. If you continue to use the product the hair can dry out and may not be perishable.

Only use a dime size of shampoo. Shampoo is known to strip the hair of its moisture. Since the hair is not attached to the scalp there are not oils being deposited consistently.

Conditioners can remove product build up.

All products are not intended to work on all types of hair/textures. Each bundle comes from different donors, in which no two bundles are exactly the same.

Curly Hair/Wavy Hair
Comb curly hair gently (when wet) with a wide tooth comb from ends of the hair to the top.

At Night- Section hair and spray with conditioner (3parts of water 1part conditioner). Then section the hair and braid into single braids for wavy hair. For curly hair you can twist the hair.

*Relieving Itchy scalp*
You will need a spray bottle. Fill it up with sea breeze astringent and spray directly onto the scalp only. Please avoid spraying the extensions.
Next you can shampoo and conditioner. Then let the hair air dry.