How many ounces is one bundle of hair?

-3.5 oz

How many bundles of hair will I need for an install?

-The longer the hair is, the shorter the wefts and the shorter the hair the longer the weft since hair is measured by weight.

Example: If you purchase 10-16 inches you will need 2 bundles of hair and 18 inches and up you will need 3 or more. Depending on the style, you would like to achieve.

Can my hair extensions be dyed?

-Yes, but we do recommend consulting with a professional stylist.

How long does Bei Hair Extensions last?

-Bei extensions can last from 12 months or even longer depending on care.

Bei Hair Boutique Remy Hair Extensions (I-tip installation)

What is Remy hair?

Our hair is one of best and highest quality on the market. Our hair is 100% human Remy hair.  The cuticle is intact, and all strands are flowing in the same direction.

Can the extensions damage my natural hair?

If they are professionally installed correctly and taken care of properly, they will not damage your hair. It’s good to have them install by a certified professional.

How are the extensions attached to my hair?

Attaching extensions by putting the natural hair through the color coated cylinder. Place the pre-tipped extension into the cylinder and crimp down 3 times to securely fasten it to the natural hair. No heat, glue, sewing, or braiding is needed.

Can the extensions be removed?

We recommend a certified professional when removing the I-tips from your hair.

Can the Remy Extensions hair be dyed?

Some colors might not be a perfect match. What we have displayed online is what we have. Please note, no lifting of any kind should be done on our Remy Hair. For desired results, please deposit only.

Can I treat the extensions the same as my natural hair?

We advise you to treat these Extensions the way they SHOULD treat your natural hair. With ease they can wash, style, swim and enjoy just like their natural hair!