The term cranial (hair) prothesis pertains to a medical hair wig that’s recommended for patients who have temporary or permanent hair loss due to a medical condition such as a form of alopecia or hair loss due to chemotherapy, radiation, or other clinical illnesses. A cranial prothesis wig is a custom human hair wig made based upon many factors, such as the individuals specific head measurements color, texture, length, and density. When considering a custom medical wig there are different types of lace used such as Swiss Lace, Transparent Lace, HD Lace, and Regular Lace and specific cap types based upon client’s needs.


Bei wigs are made to fit your every individual. Giving them a natural looking effect. We will customize your unit by choosing the length texture density and color you desire. When making your custom wig we use a sewing machine to ensure perfection. At Bei Hair Boutique we want to ensure quality service and products to all our customers. 


Below we have an example of how we measure our clients to make their custom wig fit correctly.


        Wig Measuring Chart

Density Chart


Insurance Coverage Info

Your cranial (hair) prothesis may be covered under your insurance plan. Most companies will cover between 80-100%. We have a contract with in-network providers such as United Healthcare and Aetna we can bill your insurance. A list of our out of network providers are Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and other providers. We also except Health savings accounts, Debit/Credit cards, and FSA (flexible spending account). Another payment option we offer is buy now pay later ex. Shop Pay or Klarna


Insurance Claims

To process your claim, we will need a doctor’s prescription for a Cranial Hair Prothesis. On the prescription the doctor should state the specific diagnoses. For example, If the client has hair loss from Alopecia Areata. Then it should be listed as Alopecia Areata on the prescription along with any other diagnosis and codes.



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