Always inspect the hair thoroughly prior to installation. Inspect each bundle to make sure the texture and length pattern is correct before unraveling the hair bundle.


Always pre-wash your bundles with sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Products containing alcohol can cause the hair to matte shed or even tangle.

Using a conditioner that also contains a moisturizer is highly recommended. It keeps the hair detangled.

After pre-washing, comb your bundles with a wide tooth comb from the ends up to the weft.

To achieve the best results allow your bundles to air-dry instead of using a blow dryer.


A consultation is recommended with a professional stylist before installing your hair extensions, wig, closures or frontals.

During a consultation, your stylist should be able to recommend what's best for you when it comes to installing your bundles. Scheduled maintenance appointments should be every two weeks to avoid tangling or breakage of your own natural hair.

When installing bundles sew around the wefts to prevent them from being destroyed.

Try not to cut your wefts. Cutting your wefts could cause shedding. If so, seal your wefts.

Sealing your wefts will reinforce the wefting itself and will keep your hair fuller for a longer period of time. When installing the hair, the fold over method should be used.


Keep the hair moisturized. Do not use oil as moisturizer, providing moisture is accomplished by using moisturizing conditioners.

Always detangle hair before shampooing or co-washing. Wash hair after swimming, spa or excessive exercise. If you plan to swim, put the hair in a protective style. Ex. section the hair and braid it. You can put small amounts of conditioner in the hair while braiding to protect the hair.

Wash hair with cool to warm water. You will need to switch to a new product line if you see that a certain product does not agree with your bundles. If you continue to use the product the hair can dry out and may, not be perishable.

Only use a dime size of shampoo. Shampoo is known to strip the hair of moisture. Since the hair is not attached to the scalp there are no oils being deposited consistently.

Conditioners can remove product build up.


Comb curly hair gently (when wet) with a wide tooth comb from the ends of the hair to the top.

At night- section hair and spray with conditioner (3 parts of water 1 part conditioner). Then section the hair and braid into single braids for wavy hair. For curly hair you can twist the hair.


You will need a spray bottle. Next, you will need to fill it up with sea breeze astringent and spray directly onto the scalp only.

Please avoid spraying the extensions with the sea breeze.

Next, you can shampoo and condition. Then let the hair air dry.


When combing your hair, detangle starting from the ends and work your way up to the wefts.

Comb hair gently when wet or dry to avoid shedding.

Lightweight oils (example: serum) is ok to use on the hair.

Apply a small amount of oil in the palms of your hands and distribute throughout the hair before using additional products.

When applying heat, apply a light heat protectant before styling. You can use up to 350 degrees on your hot tools.


For curly textures, comb hair while its wet.

Detangle from ends to weft. Remember to comb gently to avoid shedding.

If the hair is dry you can spray with water and then put a defining cream, curly custard or curl mousse on the hair. Using a wide tooth comb or your hands can bring the curl pattern out.

Use minimal heat on curly textures. If so, apply heat protectant and don’t exceed over 350 degrees.


Protect your extensions with a silk scarf or bonnet or sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase.

You can also boost your curly pattern by using pin curls or flexi rods overnight.


Bei hair extensions can be dyed and bleach just like your own hair.

We recommend chemical services should be performed by a professional stylist.

Chemicals can cause hair to dry and shed if not cared for properly.


A lace is a really delicate material and have to be taken care of properly. Again, we recommend consulting with a professional stylist. Avoid using items that can puncture or damage the lace.

Example: hair pins etc

If you wash your frontal or closure wig, make sure to massage gently in one direction being that lace is handmade and each hair is individually tied.

If you are not gental with the lace it can cause sheddding.

Bei hair extensions can last a year or more if cared for properly. Taking care of your extensions is like taking care of your own natural hair. Keeping extensions moisturized with conditioners, using protectant styling products and using minimal heat can help your Bei extensions last for a long period of time.